Carpet Flooring

Carpet Styles

Carpet Styles


A bulky knobby-looking loop-pile with much larger loops than commercial grade loop pile carpet, usually made of olefin or olefin/nylon blend. Berber can have random specks of color, which are usually nylon blended in with the base olefin fibers.

Cut-n-loop pile

Carpet whose face shows a pattern made up of a combination of loop pile tufts and cut pile tufts to give a sculptured design.


Sometimes called velvet-plush or simply velvet. A luxurious smooth-textured, highly finished, sheared level cut pile carpet surface with a very smooth, formal look in which individual tufts are only minimally visible due to its low twist and the overall visual effect is that of a single level of yarn ends. Plush is longer and more dense than a “Saxony”.

Cut Pile

A carpet pile, the face of which is composed of cut ends of pile yarn, as compared to loop pile.


Frieze carpet, pronounced “free-zay”, is a tightly twisted yarn that gives a kinked or curled appearance to carpet pile. Generally, this is a shorter pile height than a shag carpet.

Multi-level loop

A loop pile construction in which some loops are smaller than others resulting in a sculptured appearance.


A dense smooth level-cut pile carpet with surface yarns that are closely packed and even across the face with the yarn ends visible to create a less formal look.


A deep-pile texture with long cut surface yarns. Pile height is greater than 3/4 inch, with density not exceeding 1800.

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