Candles, Diffusers, and Soaps

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Fill your home with the rich blends of Archipelago Botanicals candles. Each Archipelago Botanicals candle is hand poured and uses only the finest ingredients and fragrance oils available. Made from a premium wax blend containing more than 50% natural soy wax, Archipelago Botanicals candles burn longer and cleaner than regular candles. Take one home with you today!


Mango Tangerine DiffuserArchipelago Botanicals also offers diffusers in every scent. Diffusers are good alternatives to traditional candles because they provide a way to continuously fill your home or space with your favorite fragrance, no flame required. We have both large and small sizes of the diffusers, making them perfect for every room or space. We carry two lines of diffusers that are created by Archipelago: The Signature Collection, which consists of scents that are more fresh and fruity like Blackberry Sage and our most popular, Mango Tangerine. The Excursion Collection is more of an exotic line with scents like Havana and Madagascar. We also get special edition scents and holiday collections.

Scents we usually keep in stock

Signature Diffuser Scents

Casablanca Blossom  ♦  Mango Tangerine
Pink Grapefruit ♦ White Fig ♦ Pomegranate Citrus
Tahitian Lime ♦ Jasmine Hibiscus ♦  Agave Sage
Lavender Spice ♦ Papaya Vanilla
Bamboo Teak ♦ White Peach ♦ Black Currant
Verbena ♦ Basil ♦ Pineapple Ginger ♦  Thai Apple
Bamboo Teak ♦ Black Orchid ♦ Bergamont Tobacco

Excursion Diffuser Scents

Charleston ♦ Paramour ♦ Positano ♦ Havana ♦ Lanai ♦ Cote Du Rhone
Kashmir ♦ Bali ♦ Dubai ♦ Enflerage ♦ Stonehenge ♦ Santorini
Madagascar ♦ Santorini ♦ Fiji ♦ Amalfi ♦ Versailles ♦ Pacifica


Morning Mint SoapDecorative soaps are gaining popularity as more  people are being drawn to their unique shapes and delightful scents.  Mizells carries a large collection of soaps, including labs, pears, owls, turtles, rabbits, bird eggs and acorns.  Many of these adorable soaps come in pretty decorative boxes that includes a small soap dish.

We are also proud to carry Sudsalicious soaps, which are homemade with goats milk and other natural ingredients.  These bars are colorful and have wonderful scents such as Almond Oatmeal, Lemongrass Sage, and more!

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