What to be Thankful For

It’s my favorite holiday of the year – Thanksgiving! Yes, I know you’ve got picky family members that you see once a year and rowdy children on the way to your home, and maybe you’re a bit stressed out. But…take a moment out of the busyness to count your many blessings. Each one of those things you think are stressful in the moment can be things to add to your thankful list. Count it a privilege to serve each family member in spite of spills or chaos. Sometimes we get so caught up in making these occasions perfect that we forget what it’s all about – the treasure of family. Happy Thanksgiving from the Mizell family to yours!

Hey Erin! We love the new carpet. I looks great! Your guys were very flexible and worked with our schedule to get everything done just in time! Thank you so much!

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Jessie Keeter, Interior Designer at Mizell Interiors