Spring Cleaning Ideas for 2017

What better way to welcome 2017 than to organize and make your home freshly clean? Here are a few starters:

  • Clean out your closet already! Of course, I’m the no.1 culprit here! Donate or throw out.
  • Tackle your junk drawers in the kitchen; if you haven’t used it in the last two months, you likely don’t need it!
  • Make a home for extra blankets and pillows with a large basket instead of throwing them on the floor.
  • De-gunk your dishwasher and your coffee pot-vinegar does the trick!

Hoping for a cleaner, more organized year ahead!

You and your team did a wonderful job and I could not be more pleased!! Thank you!!

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    Maggie Mizell, Interior Designer at Mizell Interiors