Don’t Exactly Have a Green Thumb?

It’s the time of year when everyone wants to grow a small garden; but maybe you don’t exactly have a green thumb? The answer is succulents! These hardy little plants can survive in hot, humid climates, and they don’t require much water. They are also very resistant to insects, making them super easy to maintain. Succulents do very well in pots, and cuttings can be used to root brand new plants. You’ll get lots of visual interest by grouping several together in a pot. They grow in nearly every color, so don’t think you have to be stuck with just one! There’s plenty of variety to create the most interesting little garden.

We LOVE our carpet and area rug! The staff member who worked with us at Mizell's was friendly, helpful, and attentive to all of our needs. I highly recommend them and will gladly use them for flooring and interior needs in the future!

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    Maggie Mizell, Interior Designer at Mizell Interiors