What’s the Newest Thing in Flooring Right Now?

We get questions like this all the time…what’s the newest thing in flooring right now? The buzzword around town is wood-grain tile! It is a great alternative to an all-over flooring selection for pet-owners. Mop it and done! We are also using it in bathroom remodels. Customers like to use it on the floors in their bath or, my personal favorite, on accent walls in their walk-in showers! Just like real wood, you can change up the direction a wood-grain tile is installed, offering gorgeous patterns. It mixes will with regular porcelain tile as well as other materials commonly used in baths like pebbles. The best news is, wood grain tile is available in nearly any color and finish you could imagine; so I can guarantee you’ll find one you like!

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    Maggie Mizell, Interior Designer at Mizell Interiors